COE Staff Profile! Academic Advisor– Brandon Washington


Brandon Washington is an academic advisor for DePaul University’s College of Education. A Chicago native, Washington moved to Peoria, Illinois to study communications and later earned a degree in Social Work. Upon completing his degree, Washington relocated back to Chicago where he began working in higher education. While employed at St. Xavier University, Washington completed his master’s degree in Curriculum Studies. Washington was drawn to DePaul because of its social justice mission.
His first role at DePaul was in the Graduate Admissions department, specifically through the College of Education (COE). Brandon smoothly transitioned into the advising role since he had already learned about COE graduate level coursework and requirements while working in Graduate Admissions. He advises the following doctoral and master’s level programs: Doctoral Program (Ed.D.), Graduate Bilingual-Bicultural Education, Graduate Curriculum Studies, Graduate Educational Leadership, and Graduate Social & Cultural Foundations in Education. Washington believes these programs suit both the professional and educational lifestyles of individuals by providing a variety of resources and online courses.
As an academic advisor, Washington attributes his success to building connections with students and his keen eye to details. Washington states, “The best part about being an advisor is building relationships with students. That’s what really draws me into higher education rather than working in the corporate world.” Since life gets quite busy, he encourages his students to schedule regular meetings with him so that they feel more secure in their coursework progress and program requirements.
He states, “I encourage students to come in and meet whether they want to discuss specific coursework or talk through scenarios that they may not get from a faculty perspective. I always try to ask students how they feel about their classes and get their opinions so that I can share them with other students.”
As a Chicagoan, Washington prides himself on being an “extreme explorer” of the city. When he is not dining out with friends, Washington strives to collect more stamps on his passport. He recently returned from an unforgettable trip to Cuba.


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