Student Voices! Educational Leadership Student- Lydia McPherson


Lydia McPherson is currently an Educational Leadership master’s student, who is also pursuing a principal license.

As far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to become a student at DePaul University. Through the Principal Preparation program, I have been awarded this opportunity and experience, for which I am very grateful. My experiences in this program, so far, have been interesting. When I initially applied to the program, I had no intentions of actually becoming a principal. I wanted to complete the program and then apply to positions in educational administration, but in a totally different direction than a building leader. LLC Faculty members such as Professor Hoecker and Fr. Dosen really inspired me to make the decision to not just become a principal, but to absorb everything necessary to become an effective, life changing principal. After taking my first two courses, I feel motivated and energized to make a difference in the educational arena, as a leader. My experiences in such a short period of time, have laid a strong foundation for what I believe will one day make me a great leader.

Being a part of this program has also been an amazing experience. Having courses with familiar people provides a stronger networking team of leaders who can support one another throughout the program. In addition, these relationships have the potential to extend out to our professional lives. These encounters usually become long-lasting relationships. We have had opportunities to collaborate and share experiences with one another. The program has helped me gain support, as well as provide support to my peers. Our classes have also been set up in a way in which the future leaders are able to work together and even challenge one another in a professional manner; in order to provoke thought or bring awareness.

Throughout my new experience as a principal leader in training, I have learned so much!  One of my most profound lessons from this program thus far has been the severe need for quality, student-focused leaders in the school system.  When I realized the many ways a school can support a community, I quickly was made aware of the many underserved communities and some of the reasons why they are underserved and underperforming.  I am confident that DePaul will prepare me to become a building leader that will make a difference, blaze trails for other leaders who will follow in this program, and be an intricate part of the paradigm shift in education toward the right direction.


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