Student Voices! Current Educational Leadership Student – Katie Hallberg

Hallberg_head shot
Katie Hallberg, Freshmen World Studies Teacher and Freshmen Team Lead at Crane Medical Prep High School

Katie Hallberg is a Freshmen World Studies Teacher and Freshmen Team Lead at Crane Medical Prep High School.  In Spring 2016 she will graduate from the College of Education with a ­­­Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, with a concentration in Principal Preparation.  Before her graduate study, she received a Bachelor’s degree in History and Social Science from St. Olaf College, and went through the process to become a National Board Certified Teacher. Hallberg credits her passion for education, and lifelong learning to her parents, who stressed an understanding that knowledge is a great equalizer in our society full of inequalities.

Hallberg has taught 9th grade history for over a decade, and served as the Freshmen Team Lead for the past six years.  Through her teaching she has seen a lot of change; just in the last five years she has had 19 different administrators.  Hallberg pinpoints this “revolving door” and the negative effects it has had on students and staff as the reason why she pursued a degree in administration and student leadership at DePaul.  For Hallberg, her time in the College of Education has been inspirational.  She explains, “My professors made me constantly think and analyze real life situations, making my learning applicable not only for my future as an administrator but also for my current situation as a teacher leader.  I couldn’t be more grateful for the education I have received, the relationships I have built, and the mentors I have gained.”

Hallberg explains that she was pushed into the field of education by a favorite professor in her undergraduate studies, and she was inspired to become an educational leader during her graduate studies at DePaul. Hallberg credits Professors Barbara Rieckhoff and Bill Hoecker for always believing in her, constantly pushing her thinking, holding her accountable, and making her believe she could become an effective administrator. Hallberg says that she is forever grateful for the mentorship she has received during her studies.

Looking forward, Hallberg plans to pursue a role in administration. She wants to lead a productive, stable, successful, and collaborative public high school on Chicago’s west side.  She envisions this school to be one that serves the community and provides a quality education for all students, in order to create a more equal playing field.  Hallberg is grateful that her education from DePaul has made her a more thoughtful teacher, and has also provided her with the tools to effectively lead her team so that everyone is constantly learning and growing together.



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