Faculty Connect with Catholic Education

Fr. Tony Dosen

DePaul faculty reflect on the importance of a Catholic Education in their work

Fr. Tony Dosen, author of the books Catholic Higher Education in the 1960s and Catholic School Leadership (co-edited with Barabara Rieckhoff), teaches coursework inspired tremendously by DePaul’s Vincentian Values. He says that Catholic research informs his role as a professor “every day in every way” because as he teaches, he reflects on issues of leadership and his involvement in the community.

Sr. Mary Paul McCaughey teaches courses that she says “fit beautifully with DePaul’s mission,” including A&S 491 Effective Leadership of School and A&S 570 Historical, Philosophical and Theological Foundations of Catholic School Leadership. She finds it most rewarding when her students are able to develop creative ways of looking at the complexities of leadership while acting with integrity, humility, and confidence.

Barbara Rieckhoff spent several years as a principal in public and Catholic schools, and actively participates in the Catholic Leadership Council and associated conferences. She recently authored Faith Leadership in Novice Principals and co-edited the book Catholic School Leadership with Fr. Dosen. She is particularly interested in how faith leadership develops in principals as they balance the spiritual role with the many other roles they have.

Donna Kiel, Ed.D. brings numerous years of success as a teacher, guidance counselor, and principal in Catholic schools and expertise in leading the first 1:1 initiative in a Catholic high school in Illinois. Dr. Kiel is on the Board at Geurin College Prep High School and is currently serving on the Ad Hoc Committee for co-ed transition at St. Laurence H.S. in addition to serving Catholic schools across the Diocese with consultation and professional development.

Alice Moss works with student interns in pre-school settings at Immaculate Conception and Old St. Mary’s. Her students reflect about the impact that these experiences will have on their future as teachers.

Roxanne Owens is on the Education Committee at Notre Dame School for Boys, where she works with a group of young men on recording audiobooks for the children who attend school at the Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired.


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