Introducing Dr. Thomas Noel

Dr. Noel

A Newark, New Jersey native, Dr. Thomas Noel has traversed to the Windy City to join the ranks of DePaul University’s Department of Leadership, Language, and Curriculum as a full-time faculty member in the Educational Leadership Program. He will be instructing both undergraduate and graduate-level courses for the College of Education during the 2017-2018 academic year, including SCG 711: Culture, Power and Education, A&S 811: Assessment and Accountability, SCG 735: Quantitative Research Methods I, SCG 755: Quantitative Research Methods II, SCG 775: Frameworks of Inquiry in Educational Research I, SCG 785: Frameworks of Inquiry in Educational Research II, and LSP 200: Seminar on Multiculturalism in the United States.

As a new faculty member of the College of Education, Dr. Noel is most looking forward to getting to know his colleagues and students, learning more about DePaul’s unique community and culture, and working with Chicago Public Schools. When he is not
working on research, he spends his free time reading, listening to music, mountain biking, hiking, and traveling. The Department of Leadership, Language, and Curriculum is eager to welcome Dr.Noel to DePaul as he looks to educate with purpose and improve
the field of education.

Along with earning his Ph.D. at the University of Rochester, Dr. Noel has also gained tremendous experience in the field of education. He has held positions in the areas of teaching, administration, and instructing roles in K-12 and higher education settings. Most recently, he worked with Rochester School District K-8 students in a summer academic enrichment program, teaching students reading, writing, and arithmetic, as well as engaging them in academic and social field trips, swimming, and other exercise activities.

For Dr. Noel, an extensive career in education has led him to explore various education-based topics in his own independent research. Through his work centered on education policy, teacher residency requirements, neighborhood schools, teacher education, pedagogy, and school choice, he has gained a thorough and broad depth of knowledge in innovating the overall field of education. He is presently researching school choice, specifically “the experiences of parents of students enrolled in an inter-district choice program.” He is also expanding research from his dissertation, focusing on teacher residency requirements and student-teacher relationships.

Dr. Noel believes his research continues to inform his teaching. He trusts that it not only provides him with the opportunity to educate students of various statuses and education levels, but also that “the investigation and examination of community-based educational
policies are pertinent steps and methods needed to improve the U.S. public education system, as well as address and critique systemic oppression.”


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