New Service Learning Course Offered

Sr. Mary Paul in class
Sister Mary Paul McCaughey shares a conversation with the Service Learning class

DePaul University introduced a doctoral and master level course on Service Learning during the Summer 2017 quarter. Initiated by Dr. Barabara Rieckhoff and taught by Sister Mary Paul McCaughey, this course integrates research and pedagogy of service learning with on-site application. It consisted of an orientation session conducted by Dr. Howard Rosen of the Stean Center at DePaul University, and students served at fifteen sites in completing a project in service to develop, implement, or assess a service program.

DePaul additionally hosts Campus Compact, a national university organization devoted to community engagement, specifically for Midwest colleges and universities.

In looking at a broken society in France, St. Vincent DePaul asked, “What must be done?” When asked the same question, DePaul students in the Service Learning course responded, “to show empathy, become a servant leader, stop ignoring social inequities, find and give purpose through support of others, empower and engage the underserved, be selfless and sacrifice, and live faith through justice. With this course, students are given the opportunity to plan for and participate in faith-based acts of justice.


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