Introductory Leadership Course Offered at Old St. Mary in Fall 2017

Old St. Mary

Sunny Chico, long a supporter and leader at DePaul University, works to strengthen other Catholic schools as well. As chairman of the Board at Old St. Mary in the South Loop, Sunny noted discovered enthusiastic teachers, many of whom expressed the hope to return to ongoing graduate education. With the support of OSM principal Julie Martin, Sunny reached out to the College of Education with the offer to assist these teachers in furthering their goals. Working with Dean Zionts and Sally Julian, Dr. Sonia Soltero and the Leadership, Language, and Curriculum Department, CS 492 Developing and Sustaining Professional Learning Communities is a 4-credit course that is offered on site to OSM teachers and other Catholic school teachers in the area.

This course welcomes at-large students and is accepted as an LLC Elective credit should students continue with the program. It is a blended format, as classes will meet in person five times at OSM and once at DePaul on Tuesdays and with four additional online class
dates. For more information, please contact



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