Graduate Student Job Opportunity

Northwestern University’s Engage Chicago Program

Residential Coordinator – Job Description

Job Overview: The Residential Coordinator (RC) will work collaboratively with staff from
Northwestern University’s Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) to administer an immersive, residential, academic field study program in the city of Chicago for undergraduate students from Northwestern and other peer institutions.

Program Overview: The program, called Engage Chicago, is an eight- week summer field study program administered by the Center for undergraduates. It combines coursework on community development and social change with internship placements, field experiences, weekly seminars, and a residential component to create a powerful civic learning experience for students. To learn more about the program, visit:

Duties: The Res Coordinator will work with and oversee a team of 3-4 Residential Advisors who live in the residence hall at the University of Illinois at Chicago with the program participants.

The Res Coordinator is a member of program’s administrative leadership team and will work with the Engage Chicago program director and senior staff at the Center to administer the summer program. The RC also serves as a main point of contact with our host institution’s housing and facilities office, cultivating and maintaining positive and productive relationships on behalf of the program and Northwestern.

The RC will assume primary responsibility for supervising the Residential Advisors and coordinating the residential program. The RC will supervise a small team of RAs to coordinate daily campus life and recreational activities and ensure that the residential community is safe, engaging and complementary to the academic mission of the program.

The RC also monitors and supports student health, social, emotional and disciplinary issues, and provides logistical support for the program – particularly as it relates to residential spaces/times. In addition, The Residential Coordinator works closely with academic staff to help coordinate the residential with the academic aspects of the program.

Work Schedule: The RC is on-duty 24 hours/day for the duration of the program. Throughout the program the RC is expected to be present in the dorm and/or with the students most evenings (in particular Sundays & for any large residential programs), Monday afternoons, and weekend days. Additionally the RC attends staff meetings on Monday evenings and Thursday mornings.

Dates: The program runs from Friday, June 21 – Friday, August 16, which means that the RC will be needed from approximately Monday, June 17 – Sunday, August 18. Additionally there is the opportunity for prep work (paid on an hourly basis) in the months leading up to the program.

Compensation: RC’s are paid with a stipend (typically around $4,500-$5,000) plus single room housing on the UIC campus and 24/7 transit fare for the duration of the

Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree required, plus two or more years of residential work experience (ideally with college or high school students). Experience with service-learning, civic engagement, or academic- residential programs preferred.

To apply: Please submit a cover letter and resume to: heidi-

Information: For more information about the program, please visit: or email us at: or heidi-

Northwestern University is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer of all protected classes including veterans and individuals with disabilities.


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