Message from the Department Chair

The Department of Leadership, Language and Curriculum prepares multicultural professional educators and leaders to work in a variety of community settings. The department offers graduate programs in Educational Leadership, Bilingual-Bicultural Education,World Languages Education and Curriculum Studies. Our students enhance their careers by combining their passion for education, experience in the field and leadership potential. Our graduates whether bilingual/bicultural specialists, world language teachers, curriculum specialists, teacher leaders, deans of students, assistant principals, principals or superintendents are all transformative leaders. The preparation we offer practitioners demonstrates our commitment to critical pedagogy and more.

Our commitment to excellence in education and expanding educational opportunity is demonstrated through our course work, which integrates both theory and practice, preparing our graduates for meaningful real-world application of the knowledge and skill they gain through our program.

We address best practices and cutting-edge research in education, and we also empower our graduates to be leaders and educators who bring about social change and social justice.

-Sonia Soltero, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Leadership, Language, and Curriculum


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