Curriculum Studies (MA/MEd)

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Curriculum Studies is for individuals who share a commitment to social justice, democracy, and critical engagement with issues affecting urban and marginalized students.  Our programs assist educators in reflecting on and strengthening their own practice and challenging themselves and their colleagues to work effectively for justice and educational excellence. Students use critical reflection to improve practice, engage in rigorous theoretical inquiry, and identify, address, and build coalitions around opportunities and problems in education.

The Curriculum Studies program is designed for educators who wish to enhance their skills in teaching, curriculum development, or the administration of a department or educational program. It aims to equip leaders in a variety of educational settings with the skills necessary to develop, justify, evaluate, and modify curricula to better serve the needs of students, especially urban and marginalized students.

Program Format

To accommodate working professionals, the Curriculum Studies master’s degree program offers courses that meet on weekday evenings at DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus, online, or a hybrid online and on-campus format. The program’s schedule is flexible, allowing students to attend full-time or part-time as their professional and personal schedules allow.

Program Requirements

The Curriculum Studies – Curriculum Specialist master’s degree program includes 52 quarter hours of coursework in Social and Cultural Foundations in Education, Curriculum Studies, Educational Leadership and Organizational Development, as well as a set of individualized electives that students choose in consultation with a faculty advisor.

Students in the MA program are required to complete a thesis and an oral defense; students in the MEd program are required to complete a research seminar in Curriculum Studies.

Curriculum Studies (MA/MEd) Program


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