General Concentration (MA/MEd)

Graduates are prepared to work in K-12 environments and in non K-12 environments (early childhood, after-school programs, museums, non-profit organizations, etc.) in order to gain expertise to be leaders regionally, nationally, and internationally. This program can be completed fully online or at our Lincoln Park Campus.

General Concentration (MA/MEd) Program

Principal/Catholic School Principal (MEd)

Graduates are prepared to assume K-12 school and district administrative and supervisory roles.

Principal (MEd) Program

Catholic School Principal (MEd) Program

Principal Licensure Test

For more information about the new Principal Licensure test, visit

Teacher Leader (MEd)

This degree program is a cross-disciplinary program, housed in the Department of Leadership, Language and Curriculum (LLC) and run jointly by Curriculum Studies and Educational Leadership. It provides practicing teachers who desire to take on the myriad leadership roles in the local school community with the knowledge base of leadership and curriculum that will allow them to be effective and competent leaders.  The program meets the standards set forth by the State of Illinois for the Endorsement of “Teacher Leader.”

Teacher Leader Program (MEd)

Catholic Teacher Leader (MEd)

Graduates who have previous education experience in Catholic K-12 environments, but who are not seeking principalship, are prepared to become leaders in Catholic districts or schools as department chairs, team leaders and other school leaders.

Catholic Teacher Leader (MEd) Program 

Higher Education (MA/MEd)

Graduates are prepared to assume a variety of leadership, administrative, policy and management positions at colleges and universities, as well as allied positions with community, governmental and public service organizations. This program can be completed fully online or at our Lincoln Park Campus.

Higher Education (MA/MEd) Program

Physical Education (MA/MEd)

Graduates are prepared for administrative and supervisory roles in community sports programs and athletics, such as athletic department heads, head coaches, sports activities directors, youth sport coaches and camp directors.

Physical Education (MA/MEd) Program

Catholic Leadership (MA/MEd)

Graduates who are not seeking principalship licensure are prepared to become leaders within the context of catholic education, catholic charities, youth ministries, etc., in various capacities across the region, nation and global community. This program can be completed fully online or at our Lincoln Park Campus.

Catholic Leadership (MA/MEd) Program

Chicago Leadership Collaborative

DePaul University’s rigorous Principal Preparation Program is now being offered in partnership with the Chicago Public Schools’ (CPS) Chicago Leadership Collaborative (CLC). This unique partnership is designed to prepare and develop principal candidates who are ready to lead change within CPS schools and drive student achievement. This program seeks applicants who are outstanding teachers seeking to transition to school leadership positions.

If you aspire to a school leadership position as an administrator and believe in the power of education to transform children’s lives, you may be a candidate for the Educational Leadership master’s degree program or the Principal Licensure program.

For more information, please visit Chicago Leadership Collaborative’s page and attend one of the following Information Sessions.


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