World Languages Education

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Program Information (Undergraduate/Graduate)

Undergraduate Studies

The World Language Education (WLE) program integrates education and language courses that will prepare you to teach a foreign language for kindergarten through 12th grade in a variety of urban and suburban education settings, including public and private schools.

As a WLE major, you will take education courses and earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of Education, and take language courses from the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. In the WLE program, you will concentrate in one of the following languages: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish

You will learn educational theories and effective teaching practices, participate in field experiences, which require you to observe and participate in teaching activities at multiple schools, and student teach.


Graduate Studies

In today’s global world, learning a world language is more important than ever. World language teachers promote cultural awareness and strive to find new ways to make language come alive for their students. They differentiate instruction to challenge students at different levels of language fluency and use technology, real-life situations and issues of interest to expand students’ horizons.

The two-year World Language Education master’s degree program provides college graduates in fields other than education the opportunity to become teaching professionals. It is designed for those who are committed to diversifying language offerings, extending instruction to the middle and elementary grades and promoting the many advantages of world language learning.

World language educators teach in public or private, urban or suburban elementary, middle and high schools. Some work as adult education teachers, community educators, tutors, interpreters or translators. Individuals who speak another language can be found in research institutes, international organizations and companies, and the publishing and film industries.


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